Appearance is Everything
The appearance of your car, truck, SUV, or van is its’ most noticed feature. All too often their beauty, along with its value, is diminished by even the smallest nicks and scratches in the finish.
We return each customers vehicle in better condition than when we got it, both inside and out. We employ a team of specialized automotive detailers that have been trained in the art of cleaning a car through extensive experience in used car preparation.
Frame Repair
Our body shop is equipped with the most advanced frame repair equipment available, including state-of-the-art laser measuring equipment and the newest and best frame straightening equipment.
Auto Glass
Our technicians guarantee you a professional glass replacement every time. A top notch glass replacement combined with a first rate interior clean, which compliments every vehicle, will have your vehicle on its way to looking its best.
Collision Repair
3 dimensional measuring equipment capable of multiple pulling positions. A semi down draft spray booth, ongoing training and upgrading. With 50 years combined experience we can assure you the finest repair.
Spot & Rust Repair
If rust spots are left unattended they will grow and disintegrate the metal of your vehicle. Maskall’s Collision & Glass’ unique spot and rust repair will stop the process and beautify your vehicle without expensive paint and hassle in the future.
A high quality repair requires high quality lighting so that the paint and body repair teams can see in exacting detail. That is why our shop incorporates the combination of natural light and very bright lights throughout the shop. Have a look at our repair area and see the difference!
Our paint department uses BASF water based paint. BASF paint is amongst the highest quality paints in the industry and is used and recommended by nearly every automobile manufacturer in the world. Our water based paints are considerably less harmful to the environment and the air we breathe.